Special Events

SERVICES: Special Events

Lam & Associates has organized everything from a perfectly scripted, 12-person dinner “party” to an international volleyball match (US vs. Soviet Union) with 8,000 spectators.

We’ve done a “very open house” on a rooftop; produced a 16-foot cake with water running through it; overseen a two-governor news conference; put on a fitness fashion show; organized a three-day festival with two dozen venues; launched new organizations; orchestrated political rallies, receptions, roasts and reunions; and have assisted on almost anything involving invitations and food.

We specialize in sponsored events. We help organize the annual Borgess Run for the Health of It, which attracts 4,500 runners and walkers each year, and we’re planning the first Kalamazoo Marathon as part of that.

We help organize a country western party for Cheff, with event proceeds totaling more than $100,000.

Expertise and Services Offered

Other events we have worked on include:

  • Golf outings
  • Patient seminars
  • Business meetings and presentations
  • Ground breakings
  • Fund-raising events of every kind

Our services range from planning to nuts-and-bolts execution.  We help develop themes, invitation lists, invitations, and find resources for speakers, entertainment, logistics and elements that make an event special.

We work with volunteer committees and clients to fill in where needed, from scripting programs to working the name-tag table.

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